December 20th 2007

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This will probably be our last update this year (any news will be posted at our livejournal for ease over the next couple of weeks due to a trip), so we’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support for the site, we really do appreciate the kind emails and the generousity of you all and we will continue to do our best next year.

We will be adding a few things to The Gallery over the next few days when we get a free moment.

The kind folks over at YTDAW have organised a raffle to help support the Actors Fund in connection with the WGA Strike. You will also have the opportunity to win some signed CSI Memorabilia. For further information of how to enter please follow this link.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a safe new year, we’ll see you in 2008!

December 16th 2007

Screencaps for this week’s CSI episode have been added to The Gallery, please note this is the last new episode of the year. The WGA Strike is still ongoing and only one further episode has been written and filmed. For information regarding the strike one of the best websites to check is Deadline Hollywood Daily.

As we reported in our LJ earlier in the week, a PSA Billy (and Bruno) did for the ASPCA would be airing after this week’s episode. You can now download this here. The ASPCA also has abrief article about the episode.

December 11th 2007

Screencaps from the Extras on the CSI Season 7 DVD have been added, we’ll try and add a few more things from the DVDs in the next few days. Most of the interviews with Billy have already been shown from the interview shown on the RTL website which you can view back at our September 8th update.

One of the kind members over at YTDAW posted a link to some great photos of Billy she found at the Bull Riding Championships last month. Thanks for sharing the link Spuffy 🙂

December 9th 2007

Screencaps for Cockroaches have been added to The Gallery, along with the full photo from the Animal Rescue Foundations 2008 Celebrity Pet Calendar, thanks for the scan Elfling 😉

Couple of articles from USA Today regarding Cockroaches can found here and here, they also include a great couple of photos of Billy and William Friedkin.

More updates in the next day or two from the Season 7 DVDs.

November 26th 2007

Quick update. Billy has participated in the Animal Rescue Foundation’s 2008 Celebrity Pet Calendar. To order your copy of the calendar click on the photo below. Please note delivery is only applicable to the US and payment is via paypal only. Thanks for the info, D 🙂

November 25th 2007

Screencaps from You Kill Me have been added to The Gallery, along with a couple more photos from the picket lines of the WGA Strike earlier in the month.

We will add screencaps from the various extras on the CSI Season 7 DVDs (which came out earlier in week in the US) as soon as our DVDs arrive.

If any of our visitors would like to leave a holiday greeting for Billy in our Livejournal, you are all most welcome to comment in the relevant thread. N.B. you do have to be a member of our LJ to do so.

We have been told Billy briefly appeared on the CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade Special on Thursday. Unfortunately we do not have a clip of this. If anyone can provide a clip or screencaps that we can share on The WPAP for all our visitors we would appreciate it 🙂 Thanks.

No new CSI episode this coming week, a repeat of A La Cart will be airing on 29th November.

November 18th 2007

A few more photos of Billy on the Picket Lines were added earlier in the week as well as screencaps from Goodbye & Good Luck. Check out The Gallery.

November 14th 2007

Lots of updates today, several photos of Billy on the Picket Lines from yesterday have been added to The Gallery. Several scans from the new CSI Magazine have also been added, along with one photo from the Children’s Alliance event Billy attended back in 2004. To view these click on Last Uploads at The Gallery.

E!Online has a brief article online regarding the strike that briefly mentions Billy.

“There isn’t an actor I talk to who hasn’t felt what the writers are going through,” said CSI star William Petersen, who was there with costars Marg Helgenberger, Wallace Langham and other show folks.

Check out the WGAAmerica on youtube. Billy makes a brief appearance in this clip (thanks for sending).

One of our kind visitors to the site has shared her Fan Meet with us. She and her friends were very fortunate enough to meet Billy at the Professional Bull Riding Tournament earlier in the month. You can read their story here.

We are going to be adding lots of older photos to The Gallery over the next few weeks from various events, so prepare yourselves for a serious pic spam 😉

Thank you to our generous affiliates who have supplied some wonderful photos for us to share over the last few weeks.

November 13th 2007

Information c/o YTDAW regarding the WGA Strike. If anyone is in the LA area on Friday, November 16 from 10AM to 2PM and you want to show support for the CSI writers at the Picket Line, you can join them at Universal Studios Gate #2 on Lankershim Blvd. All you have to do is show up, sign in, and walk with the CSI writers. Parking is extremely limited in the area, so they recommend carpooling or taking the Metro to the Universal stop

Lastly, vote for CSI at the People’s Choice Awards 😉

More updates tomorrow.

November 11th 2007

250 Screencaps from the CSI/Without a Trace crossover have been added to The Gallery, along with some photos of a screening Billy attended on Monday for the film “Juno”, a new Season 8 promo pic, a few screencaps from the TV Guide Special and another great piece of fan art by one of our visitors, Jemio, Thanks 🙂

USA Today also has an article online Billy at the Professional Bull Riding Tournament last Sunday.

The crew from the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, set in Las Vegas, filmed part of an upcoming episode during Sunday’s rides. It will be based on the demise of a rider following the finals. Actor William Petersen, who portrays Gil Grissom, watched the action with PBR CEO Randy Bernard.

As most of you know there is a Writer’s Strike taking place at the moment. This will affect the episodes of CSI as well as many other shows. You can find further information regarding the strike at the Writers Guild of America.

More updates later in the week with lots more photos, scans from the new CSI Magazine, plus much more 😉

November 4th 2007

Screencaps from Chick Chop Flick Shop have been added to The Gallery. Lots of lots of promos added from a Set Visit Summer 2006 and more Season 7. Special thank you to Erica, TM and B for all the promos, you all rule 😉

Remember this Thursday coming the cross-over episode which starts on CSI and finishes on Without a Trace will be showing. Lots of news articles online regarding this, click on our link at the top of the page to read several c/o google.

October 28th 2007

Screencaps added to The Gallery from a cast interview at the Paley Center back in 2001.

October 27th 2007

Quick update…A few new CSI promos have been added to The Gallery (remember to login) and Billy’s PSA for The Red Cross which aired this week has been added.

CBS have released a great “behind the scenes” clip from the upcomingCSI/Without a Trace crossover episode.

CSI: INSIDE THE NEXT SEASON Premieres October 21st at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT

TV Guide Network takes you behind the yellow tape of the CBS hit drama, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION. This half hour special features a panel discussion with various TV experts as well as interviews with William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall and Paul Guilfoyle from the green carpet world premiere of the interactive exhibit, CSI: The Experience in Chicago.

October 15th 2007

Screencaps from Go to Hell have been added to The Gallery, along with a few promos from upcoming episodes and a couple more from Season 7. One of our visitors, Michele has kindly sent us several of her drawings of Billy which you can also view in The Gallery. Thanks Michele.

Billy was mentioned briefly in this online baseball article.

Lots of spoilery information available on the net at the moment regarding Grissom & Sara. For those who are not spoiler free, check out a promo released by CBS on youtube and also this article from The Hollywood Insider. Thanks to all who sent links.

October 7th 2007

Screencaps from A La Cart have been added to The Gallery, along with photos from a couple of photoshoots from 2003, some older CSI promos from Season 7, and finally promos from two upcoming CSI episodes, please remember to log in to view promos for episodes that haven’t aired in the US yet.

The auction for Grissom’s miniature currently stands at $15,200 and finishes today.

Entertainment Tonight has an online article and clip online regarding A La Cart – CSI goes on a Bumpy Ride Billy was not interviewed, but there are several shots of him in the background.

October 1st 2007

Screencaps from the CSI Season Premiere – Dead Doll have been added to The Gallery.

A couple of clips have also been added. You can view one of Billy’s PSA’s for the National CASA Association, several were filmed and we will add those as and when they air. Don’t forget to check out the auction.

We have also added a short clip from last Thursday’s Entertainment Tonight, which had a brief interview with Billy and several other members of the cast.

September 25th 2007

2nd update…We have just changed something in The Gallery. To keep our spoiler free visitors spoiler free and not spoiling them accidently when they click on The Gallery updates, anyone wishing to view promos for Season 8 before the episode airs will need to login using the following:

Username : Guest

Password : wpap

After the episode airs, the promos will go into the usual place for all to view. We apologise but we can only do after the episode airs in the US.

1st update…We mentioned on our LJ last month and our last update that the miniature model Grissom made of his office used as part of the “Miniature Killer” storyline would be going up for auction for charity.

We now have the full details kindly provided to us by The National Casa Association.

The National CASA Association is a non-profit organization that helps abused and neglected children.  They have teamed up with CSI and CBS Cares to bring CSI fans an amazing opportunity to own this wonderful piece of television memorabilia.

The auction for the miniature goes live Thursday September 27th in conjunction with the CSI Season 8 Premiere.      The item is estimated to be worth $25,000.    For  your chance to own this fantastic item and to pre-qualify to bid on the auction please visit  We wish you all the best of luck.

A couple of months ago Billy filmed a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the charity which we are told will air during the Season Premiere this Thursday.

For further information regarding the National Casa Association please visit their website

A few things added to the The Gallery, a couple of articles from TV Guide, another promo from Season 8, more photos from the 2003, 2004 and 2006 Emmys and finally a couple more from the Michael Douglas & Friends Golf Event 2005.

The October Vanity Fair magazine with Nicole Kidman on the cover has a Season 8 promo for CSI (please note this is not in the international version of the mag).    We do not have a copy for The Gallery at the moment.

The Modern Day Gallery has some added some wonderful CSI Season 7 promos of Billy and the rest of the CSI cast to their Gallery.

Lastly, apologies for the lack of updates over the summer, but thank you to all our visitors who continue to support The WPAP.  We are sorry we are unable to respond to all the emails received, but thank you for taking the time to write us.  To those who have shared various pieces with us, we thank you and really appreciate it. We hope everyone enjoys the Season 8 premiere this Thursday.

Just added, because Ijust remembered …

Deadly Currents/Curacao is coming to Region 1 DVD under ANOTHER name CIA:Exiled. It is due to be released November 13th, 2007. You can pre-order your copy with Amazon here.

September 8th 2007

We received information last month that Grissom’s miniature from the show will be going up for auction in conjunction with the season 8 premiere of CSI later this month. This is a “one of kind” piece of CSI memorablia and the miniature is worth in the region of $25,000. We hope to have more information regarding the auction and charity in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space.

Lots of promos have been airing on CBS for the premiere over the past couple of weeks. You can view all of these at the popular

A couple of things added to The Gallery, whilst we do not really bother with “National Enquirer” articles, we did upload a recent one in respect of Billy and his dog. A couple of photos from the CSI Exhibition in Chicago have also been added.

Just a reminder the Exhibition is off to The Museum of Science in Boston at the end of September.

The German TV station RTL has a great interview with Billy where he talks about Grissom’s relationship with Sara, The Miniature Killer, etc. Other members of the cast are also interviewed on their site which you can view here.

Lots of emails received in the past day regarding some papparazzi photos of Billy and Gina in Paris last year, thank you to all those who have mentioned them to us. The WPAP have been aware of the photos for some time, but made a personal promise to Billy that we will NOTput “papparazzi” photos of the couple on vacation, etc on the site anymore out of respect for their privacy. We apologize but this is a promise we will not break.

August 26th 2007

Apologies we’ve been a little scarce the past few weeks but on with some updates.

In an attempt to stop our yahoo group being spammed will not be accepting any new memberships. We apologize.

Several things added to The Gallery, some more Season 7 promos, some from the first episode of Season 8, some wonderful “on set” photos from Manhunter, the recent article from TV Guide, some more photos from various photoshoots and finally a couple of photos added to our SAG : Performers with Learning Disabilites album from July 2005.

One of our visitors, Rachael has kindly given us permission to share her encounter with Billy in Providence last Christmas, which you can read here. Thanks Rachael 😉

Season 7 of CSI is due to be released on DVD November 20th in the US, Amazon are taking pre-orders.

Finally, There is a great interview with Billy and a few other members of the cast from the Japanese site WOWOW, just click the photo of Billy. Thanks to members of our LJ and folks at YTDAW for sharing the link with everyone.

August 7th 2007

A good friend of ours has given us permission to share some great photos of Billy (THANK YOU) from various photoshoots from magazines she has acquired, including extra photos from the TV Guide Shoots.   We have created an album at The Gallery solely for these photos which you can find towards the bottom of the main Gallery page.    We’ll be adding to this folder over the next couple of days.

We have also added to The Gallery the following:

  • 2 x fantastic drawings (thanks for sharing them with us)
  • Several Old CSI Promos (we’ll be adding more)
  • 2 x Emmys 2003
  • 1 x Emmys 2004
  • 1 x Michael Douglas & Friends 2004
  • No More Bets Dailies Screencaps (we’ll be adding to these)

TV Guide reports the following : Exclusive: CSI’s Grissom to Get a Blast from His Past

Get this: Sources confirm that CSI has signed William Petersen’s To Live and Die in L.A. director, William Friedkin, to helm the season’s eighth episode (to air during November sweeps, natch). As such, I think it’s safe to speculate that the hour, which delves into Vegas’ seedy mob underworld, will include at least one killer car chase and more Wang Chung music than you ever thought you’d hear again. Kidding aside, if the Oscar winner had only made his deal a little sooner, he could have revisited his Exorcist heyday by calling the shots on Episode 6: That one revolves around a deadly, um, exorcise program.

Finally, look for CSI to have its very own magazine coming out later this year.    The magazine, from Titan (who make various TV show mags) will have an interview with Billy in its first issue.

For further information click here and here.

July 23rd 2007

A few more photos from the Bow Wow Wow event have been added to The Gallery.

We have received many emails asking about the dog in the photos and if indeed Billy did adopt it.   We do believe Billy and Gina are “fostering” an injured dog until it is fully healed and ready for adoption from Much Love, but we are unsure if it is the dog in the photos.

We also have a short clip from the event from TV Guide Channel which you can view here.

One thing we forgot to update with last week – good news! The Beast is to be released on DVD tomorrow at

July 19th 2007

Apologies for the lack of updates over the summer, we’ve been pre-occupied with other stuff, but once the new season starts we’ll be back in the full swing of things.

We have also noticed some emails being sent to us regarding the site automatically ending up our spam folder.    There may have been some we have missed, but thank you to all who have emailed us their kind comments, we really do appreciate it.

Some updates, Billy and Gina attended the “Bow Wow Wow” Celebrity Fundraiser for Much Love Animal Rescue last Saturday at The Playboy Mansion (July 14th).  We have 45 Photos from the event we added to The Gallery earlier this week.

Once again it is “TCA Press Tour” time, several online entertainment sites, including EOnline, and the Hollywood Reporter are saying:

“The Jerry Bruckheimer TV-produced “CSI” and “Without a Trace,” which are getting reunited on Thursday night next season, will do their first crossover, with stars William Petersen and Anthony LaPaglia appearing on each other’s shows.”

Click the above links for further information.

From USA Today (9th July) – MLB launches postseason marketing

NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball’s postseason marketing campaign will include a Web site that allows fans to create their own compilations of past playoff highlights.

MLB will launch the “There’s Only One October” campaign, featuring comedian Dane Cook, during the broadcast of Tuesday’s All-Star game on Fox.

The Web site,, will give fans access to an expansive archive of MLB footage, including more than 60 clips of historical postseason plays such as Willie Mays’ catch in the 1954 World Series and Kirk Gibson’s 1988 home run.

Actors Kate Mara, William Petersen and Ellen Pompeo have agreed to provide their own compilations of highlights on the site, with other celebrities expected to be added.

Fox and TBS, which will televise playoff games, also will be involved in the marketing campaign.

July 8th 2007

We hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful 4th July last week.

Several things added to The Gallery, some new “old” photos, from Emmys 2004 and 2006, Peoples Choice Awards 2006, Michael Douglas Golf 2004 & 2005 and the recent article in TV & Satellite Week regarding the finale.

We’ll be adding more things to The Gallery over the next few days.

June 24th 2007

The Chicago Sun Times has reported various sightings of Billy dining all over Chicago the past couple of weeks.

We have added 300+ Screencaps from the Grave Danger Dailies to The Gallery, along with a great publicity photo from Keep the Change (thanks Doris), and some more photos added to our Emmys 2006 Gallery and The Alliance for Children’s Rights Annual Dinner October 2004 (thanks B) .

For our livejournal members, to keep us all busy over the summer haitus we have a little project we are working on. We are going to be picking a CSI episode and/or Billy film each week for our members to watch and then discuss. At the moment our members are picking their 3 favourites, and whatever gets the most votes, we’ll work our way through the list. If you want to be a part of this, come on in and join.

Lastly and unfortunately a bit late as this is the first chance we have had to update in a while, The WPAP would like to wish Billy and Gina a “belated” happy 4th anniversary for June 14th.

June 11th 2007

A few more older articles added to The Gallery.

June 9th 2007

We have been adding quite a bit to The Gallery the past few days, many articles from 1986 – 2003. Some, not all, of these articles you will find in our articles section, the photos accompanying the articles are in The Gallery.

Our articles from 1985-2000 are now up to date, and we are working on getting 2001-2002 and 2003-2004 up to date as well shortly.

Finally, Sports Illustrated has a fantastic photo of Billy throwing out the first pitch when he was at Wrigley Field, May 30th (thanks B).

June 3rd 2007


As you can see we have given the site a well needed overhaul.   We could have dazzled you all with graphics and flashy bits and pieces, but we wanted to keep things simple and did not want to take away the importance of the content.

The side bar should make it much easier for everyone to navigate around the site.   Everything is clearly laid out on the left.

All photos that were scattered around the site before have now been moved to The Gallery, except from the news and archive pages.

When you click on The Gallery link on the left it will now open in a separate page so you don’t have to keep clicking back to return to the main site, you can easily have both open at the same time.   I will try and remember to do this when posting links pointing off the site on the news page from now on.

Our FAQs page have been updated, so if you are wondering why we have stopped something or why we haven’t done something, along with a few other things, you may find the answer here.

Our Multimedia Section is set out a lot better so our visitors can find what they are looking for with relative ease.

It will not matter what setting your screen resolution is set at. We have made the new layout so that it caters for all.

Whilst most of our magazine articles are held in The Gallery, we do have a few that we do not have the original scans of but were on the site before we were. You will find these articles here, including a copy of Billy’s Senate Testimony (May 2001). We will be adding to this section over the next few weeks.

We are also scanning like crazy to get some of our older magazine articles back online. We still have a few clips to make and upload, so bear with us, we will try and have things up to date ASAP.

Please note links to pages around the site in previous news updates will no longer work .

Both of the old sites will remain online until the end of August. So for those of you who have pages bookmarked, you will need to update those.

Anywho, we hope you like the new layout, have a good look around and if you want, tell us what you think about it here.

Finally, we have added more things to The Gallery over the past few days, all the recent TV Guide articles, an article from The Hornpipe regarding A Dublin Carol, by our good friend,Amber (thanks) and the remaining screencaps from last couple of episodes of CSI’s Season 7. We still have a lot to update with. We will be adding screencaps and some other photos from Billy’s appearance at the Cubs later today.

May 31st 2007

GOOD NEWS! Our server move is now complete. We have added a few items to The Gallerytoday – Leapin Lizards screencaps, some photos from the CSI Exhibition and the article from the Boston Globe back in November, thanks S. 😉 We will continue to add over the next few days to get ourselves up to date. We will also be launching a new layout on Sunday. All links will be updated so we suggest you visit the main link of then which will lead you to the new layout.

We have made our Livejournal a “Members Only” journal to respect the privacy of our members, so they don’t feel uncomfortable about posting. We usually make news announcements in there before they get updated on the main site, depending on where we are when we get the news, so we recommend for those who do not want to wait, come and join us over there. All memberships have to be approved, which will take a bit of time, so bear with us if you are not approved straight away, it’s more than likely we have yet to see the email.

Finally, we have some clips from Billy’s night out at the Cubs from yesterday. The Pitch and Singing clips are available for you to download, but we have uploaded the interview to photobucket due to the sheer size of the files. Anyone with a download manager can more than likely download from there. DO NOT HOTLINK TO THESE or we will take them down! We will be monitoring the bandwidth of these clips. We will also have screencaps available as quick as we can. The server move has put us way behind with everything so please bear with us.

May 28th 2007

Apologies, been a bit slack with updates past few days, have had guests staying with me. Thank you also for all the kind birthday wishes, much appreciated, PP 😉

Just a couple of quick updates, I will catch up more in the next couple of days. The Early Show has a clip online from when the CSI cast visited the CSI Exhibition in Chicago, which you can view here. We posted a couple of photos in our LJ, but you can view more here at TV Guide.

May 24th 2007

The Gallery is now working again, but we will not be adding any photos until the server move is completed. We do apologise it is taking so long.

Various news and a couple of photos from last nights private preview of the CSI Exhibition in Chicago can be found in our livejournal.

Billy is also scheduled to appear at this year’s Tony Awards – June 10th.

May 20th 2007

Just a  quick update.   Half the site is moved to the new server, we hope the rest will be completed the coming week.    We need to point the Gallery to the new server so that should be back online shortly, however we still cannot add to it until the entire site is moved.  We do thank you for your patience, and thank you for the kind emails in this respect.

As we do not want to cause problems during the site move, all latest billy news and site news is going to be posted in our livejournal by puppypower until the site move is complete.

Billy was on ET and The Early Show last week, you will find links regarding these and some news re. Billy singing at the cubs this year c/o one of our LJ members (thanks) already at ourLivejournal.    We have been asked if Billy is attending the opening of the CSI Exhibit in Chicago, yes we expect he is, but we have no official confirmation at the moment.  We understand most, if not all, the cast will be there from a couple of articles online.

May 12th 2007

We contacted the host yesterda

We contacted the host yesterday to find out the situation with the server move.   It could take another 2 weeks for it all to happen, so unfortunately we are not going to be able to do anything with the Gallery until then, unless they find a way for us in the meantime.   Apologies.


World Premiere exhibit CSI: The Experienc e, based on hit CBS show, opens in Chicago on May 25, 2007

For more information please view the following pdf document, Thanks R.

According to the LA Times, both Billy and Marg are up for Best Actor/Best Actress in a Drama Series  at this year’s Emmy Awards.   These lists will be dwindled down we expect, but good luck to both Billy and Marg.

“Burn Out” (air date 11/2/06)
Grissom (William Petersen) attempts to get a confession from a neighborhood pedophile by having him help in locating two missing boys. The sex offender is the main suspect. The investigation is more complex than the team ever thought it would be.

“Built to Kill, Part 2” (air date 9/28/06)
In the second part of this two-parter Grissom investigates the murder of an aging rockstar who is found dead in his kitchen with an exact replica of the crime scene on the counter next to him. Meanwhile, Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) probes her own abduction and learns that someone may be targeting her family.

You can read more here thanks to all those that emailed the link.

May 11th 2007

Billy was once again on the Early Show this morning,  you can view the clip here.

May 10th 2007

Billy and several others from CSI were on The Early Show this morning.   You can view theclip here, it does contain spoilers for tonight’s episode, but for those who didn’t make it out to Rhode Island for A Dublin Carol, you’ll see a short scene included in this interview.

May 9th 2007

We’re going through lots of changes on the site at the moment, and unfortunately we cannot update The Gallery.   All is explained on our LJ here , but don’t be alarmed folks, our Server which the site is held on is moving to a new location so updating is not easy for us at the moment, especially when it comes to photos.  Hopefully this will be a quick process and we can carry on sharing lots of Billy goodness for you all, including screencaps and articles.   Please be patient with us during this time.   Check out our livejournal regularly as if the site is down during the move, announcements will be made there.

We do however have the ET clip aired on television last Thursday for your viewing pleasure which you can find here.

May 6th 2007

Screencaps for Leapin Lizards should be available Monday, a problem with our host is not allowing us to update, we apologise.

May 3rd 2007

ET have an article and brief clip online regarding tonights episode of ET where Billy and Marg are interviewed on location in Vegas whilst shooting for the finale.   Billy said once a year on ET he gets to kiss Marg 😉  We hope to have the full clip up over the weekend along with screencaps from tonights CSI episode, Leapin Lizards.

April 29th 2007

Ending Happy screencaps have  been added to The Gallery, along with a promo photo from the upcoming episode The Good, The Bad and The Dominatrix. say Long Gone (aka Stogies) and Amazing Grace & Chuck (aka Silent Voice) are going to be released on DVD, however no official dates have been mentioned yet.  Thanks C.

CBS have released a short promo clip regarding the Grissom/Sara relationship, that also features an extra member of the Petersen family, Billy’s dog 😉

The Early Show also showed a sneak peek at this weeks episode, Ending Happy, on Thursday which you can view here, they also have a behind the scenes clip.

One of our visitors has shared their creative skills with us in sending us photos of a model of Grissom’s office she made, which you can view in our livejournal.  Thanks Eva.

April 24th 2007

Couple of things  added to The Gallery, some more Unbearable Dailies screencaps and an article from Entertainment Weekly.

In the meantime, we’ve  created an extra area for the fans and visitors of the site, along with our yahoo group, we now have a place where fans can share their creative skills with fellow Billy fans to interact and share their icons, fan art, fanfic, etc.  Check out The WPAP on Livejournal.   We’ll also use both these areas to make announcements regarding the site if the main one is down for whatever reason.

Would also like to say a big thank you to all of you who have emailed us recently, we’re sorry we can’t respond to all, but we thank you for all the kind comments regarding the site, we truly appreciate it.

April 15th 2007

Lab Rats screencaps are now in The Gallery.

The Gallery is still very tempermental and has been very on and off the past 2 weeks.   Because of all the problems we’ve been experiencing in respect of this we are looking into a new host as our current one doesn’t appear to be of much help at all.    So please bear with us.   When we do change hosts we will have to re-upload almost 20,000 photos, so we ask that people be patient with us during that time as it will take a while.   We will let people know when this happens.

People have been emailing us re. yourtaxdollarsatwork , yes they are still around, however on a new domain.  So for those of you asking, please update your bookmarks.

Some very lucky students from the Capilano College Film Centre in Vancover got to spend some time on set and hang out with Billy recently.  You can read about their trip at their blog here.

April 8th 2007

HAPPY EASTER to all our visitors.

Many are emailing us about the The Gallery, we are doing the best we can to get it up and running, the page loads if you give it a second, we know there is a problem and we are working with the host to correct it.   So please bear with us.  It is working on and off at the moment.

Big Shots screenscaps have been added to The Gallery.

Many online mags, etc have posted brief details of this season’s finale, for those of you who are not spoiler free you can check out the Chicago Tribune here.

The Associated Content website has an article online regarding Grissom/Sara and the return of Lady Heather for the penultimate episode to this season’s finale.

Finally, from TV Guide.

March 31st 2007

A couple of quick notes before we get on to the updates.

Firstly, we apologise for the lack of access to The Gallery the past few days, our host has been experiencing some database problems which appears to have now been corrected..

Also, many of you have shared your concern with us over the past week about a particular myspace website and how many of you thought someone may be impersonating Billy and that it is also saying it is an official site. We do have some information that will hopefully put people’s minds at rest as there appears to be a lot of confusion surrounding the site.

Many of you have emailed us asking if it really is him. No it is not Billy and no it is not an official site.

It’s no secret Billy is quite the technophobe and the last place you will find him is with his own homepage on myspace and the like.

As we have received so many emails we thought we would get in contact with the site owner and see what’s what. The site is run by a fan, who is trying to get the site made “official”, however at the current time it is not. Whether it ever will be, it’s hard to say, as we know Billy has never really shown any interest in having an official website, but we wish them luck with their project. The site owner is not intentionally deceiving people into believing they are Billy, but the word “official” on the site seems to have caused a “hoopla” amongst fans.

We hope that clears that up and if any of you still have concerns or queries regarding their fan site, then you should really contact them directly, I’m sure they would be more than happy to answer your questions.

On with the updates…

It’s been a while, but a little treat for you all, some more Season 5 dailies screencaps have been uploaded to The Gallery, some from Unbearable and Weeping Willows.      We’ll add more dailies screencaps over the summer months.  We have also added some Season 7 promos, and several articles.  We’ll be adding the latest caps from CSI later today.

We mentioned CSI:Wiki before, just a reminder  that you can view a few clips from the latest episodes of CSI before they air at their “sneek peek” section

Want Billy and CSI goodies on your cell phone, check out for ringtones and wallpapers, etc. have some wonderful extra photos available from the recent TV Guide phoot shoot Billy did.

A shoutout to some of our friends, check out their site –  Looking good ladies 😉

There are several online articles that have appeared over the last couple of weeks, click our google link at the top of the page to catch up on the latest.

Billy recently did a short vid in respect of Global Warming, encouraging people to insulate their water heater, it’s quite an amusing little piece which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. “STOP BEING BAD” 😉

March 12th 2007

We have received a few emails from folks thinking they missed Billy on David Letterman recently, as stated below the interview is several years old, January 2001 if my memory serves me correctly, we apologise for any confusion.

We have also received many emails regarding the “Olympic Bid Vid” we put up last week, if you want to support the city of Chicago for 2016, then a good place to start would be to

A little blurb from TV Guide regarding the “shaving scene” is below.

Finally, we know many of our visitors are aware of the geekfiction community on livejournal.   The mods of the site  have now started doing a wonderful charity programme where they will highlight the members of the geekfiction community who are participating in various charitable work in their personal time, etc.    The programme is called Geekfiction for Good.

Their first project is to help slm4gsrin her efforts to raise money for the Bet Tzedek Legal Services and we at The WPAP were happy to give our support and spread the news.   Bet Tzedek is an organisation who offers free legal assistance to those in the Los Angeles area.

By helping this great cause, a lucky random person who donates will receive a signed photo of Billy and Jorja, and also a signed Butterflied script by David Rambo.   For further information on the charity and how to donate and be in the running for that autograph,  please visit geekfiction website.

March 8th 2007

Some of you may or may not know that city of Chicago has put a bid in to host the 2016 Olympics.  How is this relevant to Billy you ask?   He does the voiceover on the Chicago OIympic Bid video, which you can view here.

March 5th 2007

Several things added to The Gallery over the last couple of days.   A CSI promo pic from Fallen Idols, a photo of Billy from his time in Providence and screencaps  from when Billy appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman several years back.  We’ll be adding more items to The Gallery over the next couple of weeks to make up for the lack of new CSI episodes during March.

Season Six, Part 1 is now available on DVD in the UK.   The 4th CSI PC game : Hard Evidence is scheduled to be released September 1st in the UK and October 31st in the US.  (As usual please be aware these dates can change)

February 24th 2007

Fallen Idols screencaps are now in The Gallery, along with a larger version of the “alternate” TV Guide Cover Billy was on in February, and a couple of articles from this weeks TV Guide.

Malaysian Entertainment website, The Star has an interview online with Billy as Season 7 is about to start there.

It’s “March Madness” time again which means there will be a lack of new CSI episodes in the US over the next few weeks, but fear not, we have plenty of Billy goodness to you occupied 😉

February 18th 2007

Firstly, The WPAP would like to send their best wishes to Billy for a very safe and happy birthday, Billy turns 54 on Wednesday 21st February.

Monster in a Box screencaps have been added to the The Gallery , along with screencaps from the 2004 Michael Douglas & Friends Tournament.   The 2007 Tournament has been announced for end of April, however no participants are named as yet.  If Billy is playing, we’ll let you know.

The folks at have contacted us asking if we can promote their CSI : Wiki site they have created in conjunction with CBS.  They have a section of the site where visitors canview a few clips from the next episodes of CSI, and a whole bunch of other areas where people can discuss the show.

February 10th 2007

As reported earlier in the week Billy is on the cover of TV Guide, who also has an online interview with him which you can find here.  There is also an alternative cover available from the one we have in The Gallery.

Screencaps from Law of Gravity have been added to The Gallery.  Plus a black and white promo from the episode from a friend’s local newspaper, apologies for wonky scan ;).

A small photo is in the latest Trinity Rep. Mag of Billy and Rachael Warren from opening night of A Dublin Carol.

February 5th 2007

Billy is on the cover of next weeks TV Guide which also has a great interview, you can find this in The Gallery.

Just a reminder this weeks CSI is Grissom’s official return.

February 3rd 2007

Meet Market Screencaps are now available in The Gallery, along with a couple of new promo shots.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us their “Fan Reviews” for A Dublin Carol.   They were posted to Billy today.   Please do not stop sending them though for A Dublin Carol or any other play you may have seen Billy perform in, we’re enjoying reading your views.  We will be adding more in the future.

January 31st 2007

Quick update, lots of emails received regarding some information on Wikipedia about Billy.   May we remind people that this is a site that can be updated and edited by anyone, therefore is not the most reliable source on the web especially if you see “citation needed” next to any comments.   Rumours are added and deleted all the time.

January 30th 2007

A few articles have been added to The Gallery over the past week.

Lots of folks emailing us regarding the return of Billy’s beard.   Lots have said that when they asked Billy about it in Providence he said it will be gone when he returns to CSI.   It’s back for the timebeing, (people do change their mind) hence the pic we added today in the gallery from this weeks TV Guide.    As for how long the beard stays?   You’ll just have to keep watching CSI 😉

A few more Fan Reviews have been added.   For those who want their review to be posted along with all the others, we need them emailed to us by Friday 😉

Over the next few days we’re going to try and get the The Gallery up to date with some old stuff that we hadn’t realised we hadn’t uploaded yet, so be sure and check back soon.

January 19th 2007

Just a quick update, we have received many, many emails this week , especially in the last 24 hours.   Whilst I am unable to answer all your questions individually, I hope you can find the answer you were looking for below.

Q. Is Grissom really coming back after his sabbatical.
A. Yes he is.

Q. Is Billy staying for Season 8?
A. You would have seen the update from yesterday with Nina Tassler stating that he is signed for next year, and that’s all we are going to comment about it at this time.

Q. Did you know that the folks at met Billy in Providence? do you know anything about it?  is it true what they are saying?
A. Yes, Yes and Yes, the webmistress at the site is a friend of ours.    Any questions you have regarding or her latest update should really be directed to the webmistress herself not us.

Q. Did you meet Billy in Providence and are you going to tell everyone about it on the site?
A. Yes we did, but unfortunately for personal reasons we will not be sharing the details of our trip on the site, we apologise.  We are however amused by some of things getting back to us of what some are “saying” we did 🙂

Q. Is Jorja Fox staying next season?
A. We recommend you ask those who run JF websites or messageboards.

Q. Is Billy doing another play soon?
A. When we have confirmation we will post about it.

January 18th 2007

E Online reports the following regarding Billy and Season 8.   It’s CBS Press Day, so hopefully accurate!

10:00 Update: Phew! Tassler says William Petersen is contracted to CSI next year. Liev Schreiber is not a replacement for him. Still, they are very excited Liev is joining the show.

For those in the UK, most of you watching this week would have seen the advert stating that Season 7 starts on Channel 5, January 30th.

TV Guide had a small article this week re. ratings for Leaving Las Vegas.   There are many articles online regarding Grissom’s departure for a few weeks which you can view by clicking the Google link above.

Few more Fan Reviews added.  Keep them coming folks.

Congratulations WPAP visitors, you have reached the 2 million mark at The Gallery in 13 months.   We thank everyone for their continued support and kind comments 🙂

January 13th 2007

We have added several more Fan Reviews for A Dublin Carol.     As we have had so much positive feedback from everyone we will be forwarding all “Fan Reviews” to Billy at the end of the month, so please do keep sending them in.  Thanks again to all.

January 10th 2007

Even more “Fan Reviews” for A Dublin Carol added.  We also have more we’ll be adding, I’m sorry I can’t get them all up at once, I’m amazed at the response we’re getting for this 🙂  Thanks to all, we’re enjoying hearing about your experiences, and can’t thank you all enough for sharing them with us.    We’ll be adding more fan reviews for a couple more of Billy’s plays in the very future.

A couple more photos from the Jerry Bruickheimer and Les Moonves Tribute held back in October have been added to The Gallery, along with articles from this weeks TV Guide.

January 6th 2007

A Dublin Carol will be finishing it’s run tomorrow.   We would like to thank everyone for their fan reviews and sharing their stories and photos with us, we are so glad many of you got to see the play and many got to meet Billy as well.    A big thank you to the Trinity Rep. folks as well.

Had a bit of a tidy up on the site, we now have a Site Map for those who are not sure where to find things, it’s a very big site, we don’t want any of our visitors to miss anything.

We have received many emails asking about Billy’s previous theatre work.   Whilst not complete we do have a list of various productions he’s performed in over the years which you find our career section above.

We have also received many emails from concerned fans in respect of this week’s episode and if indeed Billy will be returning.   Billy is scheduled to be back on set next week.   There is also alot confusion as to whether he’ll be gone for 2 or 4 episodes of CSI.   Lots of different reports floating about.  It really does depend on any extra shooting he did before he left for Providence or any extra shooting he may do when he returns and whether they will edit scenes into the upcoming episodes, February Sweeps are just around the corner after all. The only way to know for sure is to watch 😉

We have added some more fan reviews from those who have seen A Dublin Carol.  I’m not completely up to date with emails so if you have emailed us sharing your views, I promise, I will get to it soon.   Do not forget to check out our official Theatre Reviews section.

Screencaps from Leaving Las Vegas are now in The Gallery.

The People’s Choice Awards will be airing on January 9th on CBS.  CSI is nominated once again for Best TV Drama.  Good Luck to the cast and crew, we hope you  make it 5 years in a row for winning this category.

Finally, thanks to everyone who wished us a Happy New Year at the site, unfortunately we haven’t been able to respond to everyone, but once again thank you for your kind comments and best wishes :-).

January 1st 2007

Our first update of the new year!   We hope you all had a spendid holiday season.   To view previous updates please click on the links above.

The channel Five US in the UK aired a CSI special last Friday, CSI : The Inside Story, we have uploaded a clip and screencaps.

The Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA had an exhibit called Crime Scene Insects that ran last Spring, Billy made a short clip to introduce the exhibit which you can find here , thanks to all who sent us the link, we are not sure why we didn’t post this last year as we do remember seeing it.  Apologies.

We have added more official reviews and fan reviews regarding A Dublin Carol, so please check those out, we have many more to add and will be doing so over the next few days.   Thanks again to everyone sharing their thoughts with us, we really appreciate it and enjoy reading what everyone thinks 🙂

The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article how US TV is dominating German Television.

y to find out the situation with the server move.   It could take another 2 weeks for it all to happen, so unfortunately we are not going to be able to do anything with the Gallery until then, unless they find a way for us in the meantime.   Apologies.