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Archive for 2008

Site Updates

A couple of quick updates. 2 HQ promos from the upcoming CSI episode One to Go can be downloaded in zip format following the link below.  As with previous promos, these will be placed in The Gallery after the episode has aired (January 15th – Billy’s last episode as a regular) thanks to Erica for passing…

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Further Video re. Basque Christmas Greeting

A further video can be found here.

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CSI’s Billy Peterson will greet Lehendakari Christmas Party

Many thanks to Cathleen for passing on the link. CSI’s Billy Peterson takes time out of his busy schedule to share some moments with the Basque people. The video shoot, coordinated by Rosa Totorika and her team, will be shown at the Lehendakari’s Christmas Gala Party this week. But here is a teaser for you.…

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Dublin Carol – Podcast

For those of you interested in learning more about the character of Mary and the play, you may enjoy listening to Nicole Wiesner’s podcast on the Steppenwolf website.  Billy gives a brief introduction to the podcast. Nicole Wiesner – Podcast

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