Raffle Tickets to win 2 tickets to the first preview of Billy’s play, Blackbird at Victory Gardens on July 3rd 2009 are now on sale.

Go to the main Fundraiser page for further details and purchase your raffle tickets.

Remember Raffle Tickets cost $1.00 each.

You can buy as many as you like, but we do suggest donating several times if you plan to buy many so that you break up your raffle ticket numbers.

You will receive an email from The WPAP within 24 hours informing you of your raffle ticket numbers. Please do check your spam folder just in case it slips in there and please take care when entering in your details.

All Raffle Tickets are on sale UNTIL September 30th 10.00 pm GMT.

The MemoraBILLYa Raffle Tickets go on sale September 1st.

Raffle Prize Draws will be on October 4th via a live video feed. We’ll be doing a test run this week to make sure we can get a live feed up and will keep you posted if it all goes pear shaped, but either way we will be filming the raffle draw.

Total Donations to date : $832

Again, thank you and well done everyone, lets keep this momentum going to raise as much as we can.

In other Fan Project news, for our Fan Letter Project we have given away hundreds of treats to those who were among the first 25 letters we received each week since the fan project began. Even though this project finishes on October 31st, we will only be giving out treats for the remainder of August.  If you want a chance at being one of the lucky 25 recipients of rare Billy treats, then you really need to write before end of August, however if you are not bothered about receiving treats we are still accepting letters until the end of October.

Good luck for the raffles everyone.

If anyone experiences trouble with the link for buying tickets please do let us know.

~ The WPAP