Chris Jones of the Theater Loop, Chicago Tribune gives a review of A Dublin Carol.

At this weekend’s opening of Conor McPherson’s anti-festive drama “Dublin Carol,” three colossal entities battled for domination of the Steppenwolf stage.

Death. Drink. And William Petersen.

Since Petersen is probably the most interesting of the trio, I’ll take ‘em in reverse order.

Petersen, the star of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” hadn’t been out on stage for long Saturday night before a woman’s voice rang from a neighboring row. “He looks like a completely different person,” she said, as Petersen essayed McPherson’s melancholy, alcoholic undertaker. One had to resist the urge to rise pretentiously from one’s seat, screaming, “that’s because he’s an actor.”

But the voice reflected a new reality. To many of us, Petersen is a distinguished Chicago actor who went away to do some TV. But he’s now a bona-fide star making a two-show deal with the Chicago theater (his second outing will be in “Blackbird” at Victory Gardens next year).   It is an impressive commitment—one frequently promised by other breakout stars of our theater, but rarely fulfilled. But I think its creative sting will be in its second half.

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Steppenwolf’s “A Dublin Carol”; Death, Drink & William Petersen.