We have just uploaded several photos to The Gallery in respect of our Fan Letter Project and the Congratulations Gift Fundraiser.

Everything is pre-dated December 1st as we are currently transferring all the donations from paypal into the two checks we are sending off and this does take a bit of time unfortunately.   As soon as the checks arrive, the money will be sent off.   The check for Victory Gardens will be delivered at the same time as all the items for Billy.

It is difficult to tell from the photographs but the donation certificates are printed on high quality  white paper.    The certificates for Billy and the American Cancer Society & Victory Gardens are very similar, but the wording does change slightly, but in the photos they do look identical.

The display books we have used for the Fan Letters are not what we originally had planned, but we had to find something that would actually hold the amount of letters we received, which believe it or not, wasn’t easy.

So, everything is ready, we are just waiting on paypal now and we’ll confirm when the money is sent off.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.