Thank you to everyone who has participated in our Fan Letter Project.   As mentioned previously, we cannot guarantee you will receive any responses, but we can guarantee they will be delivered to Billy at Steppenwolf Theatre.   The display books we used to collect all your fan letters in have a capacity to hold 200 sheets of paper, and we nearly completed 2 of these folders.    Photos won’t really show much, but we will take photos of the folders anywho and have them uploaded to The Gallery next week.

In respect of our Fundraiser, we now have the total donation figures.

The total figure raised (after paypal took their fees and after The WPAP added it back) is:


$1,551 came from our raffles.

As mentioned previously, the total figure will be split equally between The American Cancer Society and Victory Gardens Theater.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated and participated in the Fundraiser.

William Petersen fans from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands,  Portugal, The UK and The USA participated in helping us raise money for two great organizations as well as show their appreciation for Billy’s work.     Those of you who wished to remain anonymous, we have abided by your wishes as requested.

Thank yous also go to:

We will be posting some photos over the coming days of the Donation Certificates that Billy will be receiving as well as copies of the Donation Certificate that Victory Gardens will receive  and lastly  copies of the donation form and certificate that will be sent off to the ACS.

We are currently putting everything together.  Below is a list of what exactly will be placed in the leather display folder that will be delivered to Billy at Steppenwolf during the run of A Dublin Carol (which at this time looks like it will be in early December, but we will confirm shortly).

  • A print out of the Official Press Release announcing the 2009 Star recipients.
  • Information about the Fundraiser
  • Two Donation Certificates
  • The List of Donors
  • A copy of the Donation Form/Certificate sent off to the American Cancer Society
  • A copy of the Donation Certificate that will be given to Victory Gardens

Thanks again and WELL DONE everyone!

~ The WPAP