We’ll start our first update of 2009 by thanking all of our visitors for their continued support and kind emails.   Since we changed the style of our news page our site traffic has almost doubled in the past 4 months, so welcome to all our new visitors.   Rest assured we’ll be continuing to do what we do, we know from several emails many of you were concerned that with Billy leaving CSI on a regular basis that would be the end of The WPAP, it isn’t, we aren’t going anywhere.   Thanks again everyone. With that on to some updates…

For those of you in the UK, CSI : Season 9 begins airing on Channel 5, Tuesday 13th at 9.00pm.

CSI Files has an interesting interview with CSI Writer, David Rambo who shares his thoughts on Billy’s departure and how he came to work on CSI because of Billy.   Check out the full interview here.

CBS have released several “Grissom’s Greatest Moments” videos on the main CBS website as well as youtube, however these are only available to those in the US at this time.

We do have a few snippets from the Chicago Tribune (thanks as always for scanning, B) re. A Dublin Carol to add to The Gallery, which we hope to have uploaded later today, we should also have some new Fan Reviews as well which we haven’t had the chance to add yet.   You still have plenty of time to submit your fan review if you would like us to share it on the site.   We’ll close Fan Reviews for A Dublin Carol at the end of the month.   The last performance of A Dublin Carol was last night at Steppenwolf, we hope everyone who had the opportunity to visit Chicago and see the play had a wonderful time.   We know everyone is now eagerly awaiting Blackbird to start its run at Victory Gardens this summer. (Single tickets are scheduled to go on sale end of March).