Many thanks to Brian Hieggelke (Editor/Publisher of Newcity) for sharing their review of Blackbird with us.

Newcity’s Review of Blackbird

We’ll also take this opportunity to answer a few questions that we have been receiving over the past few months, we are a bit behind with emails at the moment, so will try and keep this as brief as possible and answer as many as we can.

Yes, we will be creating a page to archive all the official reviews for Blackbird as we have in the past for other productions.

We have received many emails and pm’s asking if we are going to create a Twitter account, this was something we were looking at a little bit down the road, but clearly due to demand, look for us to be setting up a twitter account in the next couple of weeks.

We have been asked if we are planning on doing another Fundraiser.   First off we are truly grateful to those of you who have contacted us wanting to donate Billy memorabilia for us to use as prizes, you are awesome fans.  So to answer that question, YES we do plan to hold another fundraiser later in the year.

For this we would like to donate the total amount to the Victory Gardens Theater.  Those of you who have visited the theater over the past few weeks will know what a beautiful theater it is and how welcoming and friendly the staff are and we would really like to be able to help them as much as we can.   So watch this space for Fundraiser info in the coming months.