Billy was interviewed on WGN Radio a couple of weeks back.   Many thanks to H for passing the info on.   For your downloading pleasure you can download the mp3 and the video clip of the interview in our media section.  The last few seconds of the video file, the sound goes, but that comes from the original clip (but if you download the sound clip, you won’t miss out on hearing what’s said).

We have another great Fan Review added to the collection.

As I was moving things about on my bookshelf today, I noticed (and completely forgot I owned, shame on me) a Victory Gardens book looking at me.    The title of the book is Victory Gardens Theater Presents Seven New Plays from the Playwrights Ensemble.

This includes Flyovers written by the very talented Jeffrey Sweet.   Most of you will know Billy performed in Flyovers at Victory Gardens back in 1998, along with Amy Morton and Marc Vann (Ecklie on CSI).   So, for those of you who are visiting Victory Gardens or are close by, its worth picking up a copy via the small gift store at the theatre, or if you’ve been or can’t make it, you can pick up a copy via Amazon by clicking the link below or by visiting our WPAP store.  It really is a great book for not just Billy fans but also if you are a fan of VGT, it includes some great plays.  Plus, both Billy and Mattie Hawkinson are on the cover (not photographed together).