Billy is mentioned in a couple of articles online.

The following is from a recent live chat Curt Columbus (Trinity Rep Artistic Director) did with the Providence Journal.

Greenville_momma: Is WIlliam Petersen from CSI ever going to come back to Trinity again? We loved him in the Dublin Carol and I would love to see him on stage again. Maybe he could play Scrooge in Christmas Carol one year?

Curt Columbus: Funny that you ask — I talked to Billy a couple of months ago about coming back to Rhode Island. He would LOVE to come, and we are talking projects, but we haven’t found exactly the right one yet. He’s an amazing actor and I hope we can find the right project soon.

Personally, would love to see Billy back on the boards at Trinity Rep, it is a beautiful theater.

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Matt Roush of TV Guide answers the following question on his Ask Matt page.

Question – Finally, I see that William Petersen still has an executive producer credit on CSI even though he left last season. Does this mean he now still gets a check in the mail even though we may never see him again? (Langston is growing on me a little and I like watching Catherine deal with new challenges as supervisor, but Grissom is still sorely missed.) If so, is that his only remaining association with the show (a sweet deal regardless), or does he still have creative input?

Matt’s Answer – Finally, Peterson’s production deal with partner Cynthia Chvatal on CSI is no doubt more symbolic (and financial) than creative, though if asked, they’d probably say he still takes a proprietary interest in what’s going on back on his old stomping grounds. This association does, however, indicate there’s always the chance that Gil (like Sara) could come back on occasion, and he’ll always be welcome.

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