Many thanks as always to Veji for passing on the information and to J for the brief translation.

Billy is to appear on French television on December 16th on a show called Sacrée Soirée.   Details of the event in French can be found by following this link, however a brief translation is below.  One of our kind visitors is going to be sending us a copy of the show for those of you who are not able to see it.

William Petersen on Sacrée Soirée!

The CSI star will be the guest of J-P Foucault on 16 December.

A scoop for Sacrée Soirée [long-standing French variety show]: WP will be present in the flesh (in a live broadcast) with Jean-Pierre Foucault in the16 December show.

WP, who has left the series as actor but remains an executive producer, will travel from Los Angeles for the appearance and will be the recipient of a small surprise, as usually happens on this show.

This weekend we hope to be updating the site with the full 1 hour  interview from Cannes, France that took place earlier this year in February.