With just a week and a half left for our Victory Gardens Fundraiser we wanted to remind everyone that donations will be accepted until November 27th and the winners of our VGT Giveaway will be contacted on November 28th.   The total donation figure will be announced a few days after once the WPAP has added their own donations as well.  To make a donation simply click on the donation button in the sidebar to the right and to enter the giveaway, follow the instructs on this page.

The following albums have been updated or created in The Gallery.

  • Photocall for CSI at the Four Seasons – February 2008 (updated)
  • Photo Shoot in Chicago – December 2008 (new album – thanks B)

Finally, many thanks to Eri for sharing their video with us.   Eri is a very talented sculptor and has made some fantastic sculptures of Gil Grissom as shown in the video below.  Thanks Eri!