After a rather long delay ‘To Live & Die in LA’ has finally been released on Blu Ray this week and is available to purchase from by clicking on the link below.

In other news, Billy was quoted in a recent Chicago Tribune article regarding the new Richard Christiansen Theater at Victory Gardens.

“Richard was the one guy who most influenced my career,” said Petersen, who cut his teeth on the Chicago stage and who described making booze-aided, nocturnal trips down to Tribune Tower and begging for someone on the loading dock to throw him a copy of the paper with the Christiansen review.

“It wasn’t just that he made other people believe I was a better actor,” Petersen said. “He made me believe I was a better actor.”

You can read the full article online at the Chicago Tribune website.

Many of you who have been following Billy’s theater career will be very familiar with Mr Christiansen, especially his thoughts of Billy’s performance in ‘In the Belly of the Beast’ (check out his review).