One of the Remains Theater productions, The Actor Retires is available to download as an audiobook.


A hilarious comedy about an actor, who decides to throw out his headshots, fire his agent and change careers from performing to making furniture.

Billy’s character appears around the 40 minute mark.

The play is available to download from the following links.  Many thanks to our LJ members ufgator1977 and CR1 for posting the links at our LJ Community.

Our DVD/Promo Multimedia Section has been updated with a recent interview with Billy regarding CSI. (Thanks E).

The Gallery has also been updated with a larger image of the Endgame promo photo, as well as two replacement images from the Sheila Kar Fundraiser last month (without the blue bars).

Speaking of Endgame, if you are attending the show on 21st April, do check out the Endgame Wine Tasting Event held at Steppenwolf, as well as Martha Lavey’s blog post : Frank & Me.

Steppenwolf’s 2010 Gala on May 8th will be featuring an exclusive showcase of Endgame, details available on the Steppenwolf website.