From the Sun Times by Michael Sneed

A tale of two great actors, the human factor, and a humdinger twist.

Case in point: An incident at Trattoria Gianni in Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre district Wednesday night involving actors William “CSI” Petersen and John Malkovich.

• The scene: A young woman in a red hat quietly walks into the Trattoria bar for a nightcap and spots a table occupied by Petersen, who’s appearing in Steppenwolf’s “Endgame,” and Malkovich, a Petersen pal who is a leading member of the august Steppenwolf ensemble.

• The script: The petite blond walks over to the table and tells the men, “I am a huge fan,” thanks them for chatting with her, says good night, leaves the restaurant, crosses the street, where a cab hailed by her husband is waiting, and gets hit by a car.

• The upshot: Petersen, dressed in capri pants and sandals, runs to her side, gets down on his knees, puts her little red hat under her head to comfort her and whispers to her until paramedics arrive. Malkovich, who has been watching streetside with the rest of the cast, gets in the ambulance to comfort her. “He felt this could have been his daughter, who is about the young woman’s age,” said a Sneed source.

• The backshot: The woman, Courtney Boho Marincsin, suffered a leg injury and was rushed to Illinois Masonic Hospital. “The driver of the car stopped and got out to help, but it was Petersen who dashed headlong into the street to really help and calm her,” the source said. “One of her red heels was smashed on the street.”

• More backshot: “She was darling and very respectful and really sweet,” said Trattoria owner Gianni Delisi. “She wasn’t a total stranger to us. But we didn’t know her name. It was so sad because she had been so excited to meet [Petersen and Malkovich], who are great guys. And then she heads outside and quickly gets hit by a car.”

• The kicker: Marincsin is a personal injury attorney who works for the prestigious Clifford Law Firm, run by legal eagle Robert A. Clifford.