We just wanted to give an quick update regarding some plans we have for The WPAP over the coming months.

We do have a brand new layout in the works, it is something we have been wanting for some time and we hope this will make everything on the site easier to find, it’s a big site and very easy to miss sections that are definitely worth checking out .   We also have plenty of images to upload to The Gallery, so we will be spreading those out over the next few months.

Flyovers on CD was due to be released yesterday, unfortunately it doesn’t look like Amazon have received their stock yet.   Do let us know what you think of it once you receive your copy.

We did receive some feedback from Billy regarding our Victory Gardens Fundraiser, as you all know the theatre means a great deal to him and he thanked everyone for their donations.

Lastly, we have received several emails from concerned fans regarding a profile on Facebook claiming to be Billy, we did check with the Petersens directly over the weekend and they confirmed that Billy does not have a Facebook page, they are also aware of the profile.   We hope that clears that issue up.

Enjoy your summers everyone!