Apologies for the lack of updates lately folks, but there has been very little to report and real life is extremely busy lately, not allowing us much time to dedicate to the site.

You may have seen our tweet last month that Detachment is now in post-production, so expect more news regarding the movie over the coming months.

Billy was briefly mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, who recently interviewed Marg Helgenberger.

Helgenberger admits that working with Laurence Fishburne  (“the consummate professional”) has been fun, and that her co-star should have no concerns about CSI’s former leading man William Petersen coming back for an extended stay. ”If I were to put money on it, no. He would never come back on any kind of full-time way,” she said. “He might come back to do an episode or two towards the end of the entire run, but no. He was ready to go.”

Read the full interview at  EW.com

Lastly, many thanks to all of you who have emailed us recently about a particular GSR website who has started to crop out our watermark on many of our images, especially our rare theatre images and stick their own logo on them.   We emailed them yesterday (hopefully they check their spam folder just in case), although in the last 24 hours they have decided to add more photos in a similar fashion.

We suspect the images are being sent to them by someone with clearly bad cropping skills since its quite obvious to many where the images have come from.

As a reminder we are more than happy for sites to use our content, but the only thing we ask is that you do not remove our watermark and give the appropriate credit.  Given the amount of money spent on some of our images, it is not a lot to ask.