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Archive for 2010

Projected Air Date for To Appomattox (Updated)

As it is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War next year, the projected air date for ‘To Appomattox’ is for early April 2011.  (Please note this could change). Edited to add April 2011 is the projected start date of production, not the air date.  Please see our update January 20th 2011…

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New Role for William Petersen

Billy is set to appear in an upcoming mini-series about the Civil War called To Appomattox. Filming is set to start in Spring. The mini-series has some big names attached such as Michael C Hall (Dexter), Bill Paxton and Paul Giamatti, and has reportedly been picked up by HBO (not 100% confirmed). Check out the…

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Detachment Screening – Friday in NY

For those of you in the New York area on Friday, you may want to look into this. An award-winning independent film company is holding a free test-screening of our latest feature this Friday at 6PM in the West Village. Full details available on craigslist If anyone gets a chance to attend we’d love to…

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EW Article : ‘CSI’ exclusive: Time to meet Gil’s long lost mom!

Entertainment Weekly’s, Lynette Rice has the latest scoop on an upcoming CSI episode that will most likely air in February. Get ready for the mother of all CSI episodes, because we’re about to meet Gil Grissom’s long lost mother! You can read the full article here on the EW website.  As a side note, the article…

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