The King is Back … via Skype!  Yes, Grissom is back on our screens for the upcoming CSI episode, The Two Mrs Grissom’s, which will air next Thursday, February 3rd.   Please note this is a guest appearance.

Last night, CTV aired a promo for the episode including the scenes Billy filmed.  (Update – we think this may have been premature on CTV’s part, since the video is no longer available on youtube).

What a relief to be able to post about this now.  A special thank you to a very good friend for sharing the info with us earlier in the month that Billy was indeed filming a Skype scene for this episode, your kindness and generosity always amazes us, THANK YOU so much!

Apologies we could not post this info sooner, but we were under strict instructions not to share any info regarding it.

You can view the promo featuring Grissom  below c/o Unspokenloves on Youtube (Video has since been deleted)

You can also watch the original promo featured on CBS c/o einsango on Youtube.

Also of interest regarding the episode, is an article from the Daily Herald : Matlin a Blast from the past on ‘CSI’ .