The first one is from Star People. Β  The video is in French, but below we also have a translation of what the video is about (Thanks for the translation J.)

Star People and the rumor which is lighting up the internet. WP the return. Since WP left CSI audiences have dropped in the US … in the space of a few episodes at least 4 million viewers have deserted the procedural. The series hasn’t really recovered after the loss of its most charismatic character during the 10th season. To improve the situation CBS and WP have reached a compromise: GG will appear on screen but not in flesh/in person except in a few exceptional episodes. Fans decided to mobilise, starting a petition on the web demanding the return of their hero.

… the promo for the TMG episode mentioned GG’s name and indicated that he would appear . This caused great, but short-lived excitement on the web as to whether he would be returning as a regular but in fact he’s only a special guest, a little surprise return for 11 x13. So, is Grissom coming back? Yes. For good? No. Watch this space.

The second video is one you may have seen before, although we do remember a few people did have trouble viewing it on the original site. Β It is the PSA Billy did in Idaho for the Drug Court and this video is c/o the NADCP.