For those of you using Internet Explorer 6 and 7 to browse this website, you will now notice a banner placed at the top of screen informing you that you need to upgrade your browser.  It does not cost anything so please do not ignore this.

Microsoft are also doing their part to get people to upgrade, especially from IE6, which you can read about on the Internet Explorer 6 Countdown website.

If you are not sure what version of Internet Explorer you are using, click the help option on your Internet Explorer toolbar, and then on About Internet Explorer.  Upgrading is easy enough by clicking on the banner if you see it at the top of your screen.


As a reminder, the new website layout will no longer support Internet Explorer 6, and we hope to be implementing the new design by the end of the month, so we recommend you update sooner rather than later.

Also, we have added a Privacy Policy to the site as we just realised we did not have one and probably should since we collect data via the use of cookies.  To learn more read our Privacy Policy and that of Google’s since we also use their products on the site.