A short update regarding the new layout as we’ve had many emails regarding what we’re going to be adding, what we are going to be doing differently, etc, so this update is to give our visitors a preview of what to expect from the new layout.   We also wanted to say thank you for all the interest shown in this, we really do appreciate it.

We do plan on going back to having a separate home page, mainly for new visitors of the site.   We have so much information its very easy for new visitors to miss out on stuff, so via the homepage we will be pointing to various areas of the site that new or long time fans would enjoy seeing.   Also on the homepage we will be displaying some links to the latest news and site updates, as well as links to dedicated pages for the various projects Billy is currently involved with.  We know information easily gets lost about his current projects in the site updates, so we wanted to make it easier for everyone to see what he is currently working on.   Some of the information on the site is outdated, so we will also be going through each and every page to make sure we have everything up to date.    That’s all we’re going to share for now, but the site layout is complete, we’ve now moved on to creating a new layout for the The Gallery as well.

Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our site visitors for their continued support and kind messages, sometimes we really do get overwhelmed by all your emails.   Also a huge thank you to all of you who have shared info, links to news, images with us, including our sources who put trust in us every day with what they share.