Carrying on from our Q&A post earlier in the week, just a few more answers to some questions we’ve received lately.

Is it definite that Billy has backed out of The March because of To Appomattox, and will he still be in To Appomattox?

Is it not a definite reason, when we answered this question after returning from vacation, we stated we assumed this was the reason since the schedules for both were very close.  We may never know the real reason.  As far as we are aware Billy is still scheduled to appear in To Appomattox.

Have we ever thought about making our website official, or thought of creating an official fanclub?

Both of these questions are something we are asked often.  If we were to make the site official (obviously with WP’s permission) then we would be limited to the content we could post, at the moment we like having the flexibility to post what we want.

As for an official fanclub, it isn’t something we have thought about too much, something like that would require a lot of input from Billy himself and it may or may not be something he has time for or is interested in having.

Is Billy singing at the Cubs this year?

We are not sure, we’ll have the clip and other details available on the site if he does.