As you can see these notes are very brief, but as per the norm we cannot reveal too much due to legal reasons, plus Billy will only be in a few scenes so there isn’t too much to write about.

Please note that scripts are subject to change, so what we have read may be changed or deleted in the final filmed version.

Billy is playing the character of Glen, a trucker (60s) who picks up Penny (Knightley) and Dodge (Carell) in his truck after their car runs out of gas.

Billy’s character is quite the chatterbox, revealing his life story to his new passengers, and talking about life in general, he is pleased to have some company in his truck.  Penny is captivated by the trucker’s stories.  Dodge appears quite bored with the whole thing.

There will be some funny dialogue between Glen and Dodge, Glen is suspicious of Dodge and mistakes him as a hitman.   Dodge is equally suspicious of Glen and wonders why he has two shovels in his truck.

Billy’s character appears a little before the halfway point in this very funny script.   We are certainly looking forward to seeing this comedy as it will prove a nice change from some of the more serious roles Billy has undertaken in recent years.

As a courtesy, please do not claim these script notes as your own, thank you.

We have been asked if Billy is featured properly in any of the photos that have been taken during filming and is he still filming.

We haven’t seen any further images besides the two we posted back in May.  The movie is still being filmed, and we have been told Billy has completed all of his scenes.