Hey everyone, only halfway through catching up on everything since returning from vacation yesterday, but wanted to do a quick update regarding several things.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has emailed us the past week, as mentioned on twitter and facebook yesterday, apologies if we do not respond, but from having literally no internet access for a week, the emails did pile up, so please bear with us in that respect, hopefully this update will answer a couple of your questions.

Firstly, it does appear Billy is no longer scheduled to appear in THE MARCH at Steppenwolf next year.  We did receive several messages last week from our sources to contact them when we were back in the country regarding this (haven’t had a chance to do this yet), but we can only assume this is to do with the official pre-production of TO APPOMATTOX scheduled for February 2012 (as stated by Michael Beckner on the To Appomattox Facebook Page last month).   Billy has been committed to the TO APPOMATTOX project for quite some time, so we are assuming there is a conflict with the schedules for this and THE MARCH.

It is too early for us to say as we are still catching up if this has anything to do with Laurence Fishburne not renewing his CSI contract for next season.  In case you missed it, CSI will also be moving to Wednesday nights for the new season.

In respect of TO APPOMATTOX, Mr Beckner has once again provided fans with lots of information regarding the series, including a section of the script.

Mr Beckner posted the following information on their Facebook page:

Answering Dan’s question below… Summer 2013. Official pre-production set for Feb. Location has NOT been decided. We are in discussions with PA, GA, NC. Additionally, we have decided to check out TN. In the end, we will only be shooting in 1 of these locations. Additionally, we’ve narrowed our network discussions to 3 networks. HBO is, at this time, not part of these discussions.

Here’s the link the “Christmas Montage” from Episode 6. As I said above, you can get a nice feel for the sequence if you play the link from YouTube while you read. Enjoy!

Billy was recently in attendance at the SUPERIOR DONUTS opening night in LA.   The following photos are courtesy of LA STAGE TIMES.

Copyright – LA Stage Times

Copyright – LA Stage Times

You can read further information and see more photos on the LA Stage Times Website.

Geffen Playhouse Superior Opening Night Photos

Lastly, we have received several emails regarding various content on other websites that many of you have found offensive and disrespectful to William Petersen.   We are only responsible for the content we decide to share on the WPAP sites, we are not affiliated or connected with any of the websites that we have been contacted about and therefore we are not in a position to tell these websites what content they can and cannot put on their sites.

The only thing we can suggest you do is if you have a problem with any photos or text on a website that you contact the relevant websites directly and let them know how you feel.