Matt Webb Mitovich of  TV Line gives the latest scoop on Grissom & Sara’s relationship after chatting with Carol Mendelsohn yesterday.

CSI – Given the news that Season 12 (premiering Wednesday, Sept. 21) is very likely Marg Helgenberger’s last, it’d stand to reason that William Petersen might make an encore, playing Gil to her Catherine. But as of Wednesday, when I spoke to show boss Carol Mendelsohn, nothing yet was set in stone. “Listen, every year we go to Billy – it’s sort of like a pilgrimage – to say, ‘Will you come back?’ Last year we were successful, and he came back for that one episode [via Skype with wife Sara].” And now? “We talked to Billy a few weeks ago, and he was talking about what Gil might cook for dinner for Sara — and he said ‘grilled cheese went very well with beer’ – so you never know. I mean, they aremarried, and we’d like the audience to be able to see Gil and Sara sometime.” So cross those fingers!

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