Billy has narrated a documentary about the 2003 Cubs team, the show is called 5 Outs which airs on October 15th at 9pm on CSN Chicago.  Further information available from 5 Outs on Twitter.    A trailer for the documentary is available on the CSN Chicago website.

The folks at 5 Outs shared some great photos of Billy on twitter whilst he was narrating, check those out below:

c/o @5outs on twitter

c/o @JeffNuich on twitter

On top of that, if feels like a 100 years since we added anything to The Gallery, but we have uploaded screencaps from the various Slowgirl interviews that aired during the show’s run at Steppenwolf this summer, as always Billy doesn’t disappoint with his many facial expressions.

We promise to try and get back into the habit of screencapping, we know many of you have been asking us about it and we will be adding to The Gallery over the coming weeks.

Lastly, a great featurette from To Live & Die in LA was also shared on Twitter by  @LoSceicco1976