HD (1920×1080) screencaps from the Manhattan Season 2 Premiere have now been added.  You can download these in zip format for quickness on our Manhattan Screencap page, just scroll to the bottom of the page.   For ease a link to this page is now in our footer in the bottom right hand corner.

A few samples below:


A couple of great reviews/recaps appeared today.

Recap from Entertainment Weekly : ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ – Death in the shadow of the bomb as season 2 begins.

Someone else is arriving at Los Alamos as well: a new character, Col. Emmett Darrow (played by William Petersen), the new military head of the project. The guy is stoic in the extreme, and when Crosley goes to him to get a signature for a transfer, he gets a lesson in discipline.

Darrow is disgusted that Crosley would want to leave the project over romantic entanglements: He and Isaacs both had a thing for Helen.

“Will you close the door please?” Darrow asks softly. Then: “Get down on your knees.”

He instructs Crosley to ask Jesus for forgiveness. His sin: “Weakness,” Darrow says. “God buried an atom under a million tons of rock so America could split it in two and redraw the maps of the world. And you want to run off…because some girl didn’t ask you to the prom?”

He drops the transfer in the trash.

From Yahoo TV : ‘Manhattan’ Review: It’s The Bomb

New characters help. William Petersen, fresh from his invigorating swan song on CSI, is introduced in the season premiere playing Colonel Emmett Darrow, who believes the atom bomb is nothing less than divine intervention in a war against Nazi evil. It’s nice to have someone around in Manhattan who represents what is, to say the least, a non-scientific point of view — and Petersen, his hair a steely white, thunders like a god himself.

From TV.Com – Manhattan Season 2 Premiere Review: The Inevitable Countdown to Detonation

The big offseason casting acquisition that made headlines for WGN America’s Manhattanwas former CSI chief William Petersen in the role of Colonel Darrow, a nasty, buckled-up military figure and general pain in the butt for everyone in Los Alamos. But Darrow was a puppy dog compared to another character, whose mere presence symbolized a whole lot more than military red tape.

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Finally, check out the trailer for next weeks episode, FATHERLAND airing Oct 20, 2015 on WGN America.