A little something we have put to our FACEBOOK community recently is the notion to change our existing layout here on billypetersen.com.     As much as we love the existing layout, we want to improve it to include the following:

  • A more efficient navigation system that is responsive for mobiles and tablets
  • Slightly larger text on a clean background
  • Consolidate some of our pages as we have way too many
  • Better linking between this site and The Gallery
  • A better way to display our media clips

We are going to be working on this over the next few months, so don’t panic if you visit the site and it’s down for maintenance.   We have had some great feedback so far on what people would like to see incorporated into the design, so please do get in touch with us if you have any thoughts on things you’d like to see.

In preparation for the new design, we have also created an INSTAGRAM account, as we have some ideas on how we want to use that platform going forward.  Our Instagram handle is billypetersen_com so be sure and follow us over there.

Our FEAR screencaps have been updated in HD format.   Image size is 1920 x 808.

You can download all the images in one zip file by clicking the link below.   File size is pretty big (200mb+) so please take this into consideration.

FEAR HD Screencaps (341 images)

Some samples below