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Frequently asked Questions

Important Information – Fake Online Accounts

Please be cautious of people online claiming to be Billy (or other members of the CSI cast for that matter). The Petersen’s  have confirmed to us directly that Billy does not use the computer, so if you do run into someone claiming to be Billy on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, the various gaming websites, etc. This person is a fake!

Does Billy have an official site?

No he does not have any “official” sites at this time.

Can I get an autographed photo of Billy from you?

We do not supply these.  We suggest you write to Billy personally, enclosing a photo you would like him to sign, and a stamped self-addressed envelope for ease.   Please note this is not a quick process.

Where can I write to Billy?

You can write to Billy at the following address:  William Petersen c/o Creative Artists Agency, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA.

Have you ever meet Billy?

Yes we have.

Can you arrange for me to meet Billy?

Apologies, no we can’t.

Why do you not include “paparazzi” photos in The Gallery anymore?

Even though you will find some candid photos of Billy out and about in public on the site, we  have changed this in the last few years.   If Billy is aware of the camera and responds to it (e.g. gives the peace sign) we will put it in The Gallery.  If not, we will respect his privacy.

Why are some images watermarked and others are not?

We only watermark images we have purchased, scanned or have been given permission to add our watermark to, it advertises our site. If you would like to use our photos on your site, we are happy for you to, the only thing we ask is that if there is a watermark on the image please leave it on there.

Someone told us [insert rumor here].  Can you confirm?

The WPAP is a fan site, not a gossip column!   We will not answer any questions regarding Billy, his family or his castmates’ private lives. Any and all emails we receive in this respect will be ignored.

Why have you stopped putting CSI Dailies clips on the site?

We do not want to compromise the site in any way.  What we have available will stay unless we are asked to take them down.

What CSI “ship” does The WPAP support?

The WPAP is neutral when it comes to this.  We will not side with one over the other.

I can’t seem to join the Livejournal or Yahoo Groups ?

Memberships are closed for now.