In an effort to make things a little more fun and user friendly we have created our very own free custom toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users (on both PC & Mac).

What can you do with the toolbar?  Well, by installing our custom toolbar you are able to navigate around all associated WPAP websites including The Gallery with ease, as well as links to Billy related sites such as the theatres he is involved with or official websites to projects he is working on.

A great advantage to the toolbar is the ability to be able to search Google directly without having to change websites.

The toolbar is extremely social media friendly allowing you to share website links via the various social media providers as well as being able to share pages via email.  You can share any website page, not just our own.

Staying on the social media vibe, you are able to easily log into your own Twitter and Facebook accounts too!

Another addition is the ability to search and watch Youtube videos directly via the toolbar, again without leaving the website you are currently browsing.

Quick links to online games, television news channels and the weather are also available.

Both the games and news stations take a moment to load, you will also need to click on the play button for the news videos once they are ready to play.

The toolbar is highly customisable.  If you feel you do not need everything that is on offer, you can remove them and a whole host of other things by clicking on the small arrow next to our logo and selecting toolbar options.

We hope you enjoy this added feature to the website and we trust it provides a better website experience for you.    If you decide you do not like it, it is extremely easy to un-install as well.

Please contact us to let us know your thoughts and experiences trying out our toolbar or if you have any questions.

Download our custom toolbar!