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Some items that are available in the US are not available in the UK and vice versa. Some of Billy’s movies have more than one name and not all are available on DVD. Please remember shipping costs as well if you are ordering overseas, as well as needing a multi-region DVD player.

There are so many different versions of Manhunter available we have created a separate page regarding the different versions and our recommendations. Visit The Manhunter Mystery Page. Big thanks to Idreamedmusic.

Curacao is available to buy in the stores, but it is more commonly known as Deadly Currents, as well as being recently released as CIA : Exiled.

“Fallen Angels” – Good Housekeeping is available as part of a compilation DVD available in the UK called Perfect Crimes 3. Present Tense, Past Perfect is also part of a compilation DVD called the Cinema Collection Vol.3. We have placed both of these in the “Billy MUST HAVES” category in the UK store so people can find them easily.

Billy’s appearance in the “Need to Know” Twilight Zone episode is part of a TZ box set available in both stores.

Below are a list of items that are not currently available in the stores as well as only being available on VHS at the present time.

  • Long Gone (AKA Stogies)
  • The Kennedys of Massachusetts
  • Keep the Change
  • Amazing Grace and Chuck (aka Silent Voice)

12 Angry Men (there are two versions, Billy’s is the latter remake, so take care when ordering) is available on DVD but only on Region 4 at the current time. You will need a multi-region DVD player for this. We can point you in the right direction if you are trying to find this as this is not available in the stores.

If anyone is really struggling to find what they are looking for, drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help you.

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