The Hollywood Reporter has some brief information available about Billy’s presence in France this week.   Hopefully there will be some photos from the events in the next couple of days.

Other highlights on the party circuit include the International Digital Emmys on Monday night, which will see “CSI” star William Petersen hand out an award. Petersen is in Cannes for a news conference hosted by CBS/Paramount Tuesday celebrating 200 episodes of the crime procedural.

On another note, we have received many emails from fellow fans since the start of the New Year regarding their experience with people online pretending to be William Petersen.   We know it’s been a problem on the internet for quite some time, and not just with Billy, but many people in the public eye.

Thank you to everyone who has written to us, we appreciate your feedback and we can confirm 100% from the Petersens themselves that Billy does not have any online accounts at the various social networking and online gaming sites, he never uses the computer.  We hope that this information reassures fans who are coming across this problem, but please feel free to contact us about it.