On Friday we posted a link via Twitter to the Tele Loisirs interview with Billy about his upcoming trip to Paris.   Below is a brief translation of the interview (thanks J).

William Petersen  is the guest of honor of the next Sacrée Soirée, to be shown live on Wednesday 16 December. Télé-Loisirs met with CSI star in Los Angeles, a few days before he finished packing his suitcases.

William Petersen, alias Gil Grissom of CSI, will be one of Jean-Pierre Foucault’s guests on Sacrée Soirée on  December 16th on [French TV channel] TF1. He has chosen to stay on in Paris to enjoy the city with his wife Gina. They plan to stay in the Pont Royal hotel, in the 7th arrondissement [near the Eiffel Tower]. It’s an idea that excites him, especially at Christmas-time. Ahead of the show, he tells us all about his Paris stay. You can find the whole interview in the Télé-Loisirs magazine, on sale Monday 7 December.

Télé-Loisirs. You’re coming to our country to appear on Sacrée Soirée. Do you know of the show and its presenter, Jean-Pierre Foucault ?

William Petersen. No, I don’t know him, but it seems he’s well-known in France. Spell his name for me, I’ll do some internet research before meeting him (laughs).

Are you going to do a little tourism in our capital ?

Absolutely, all the more since my wife (Gina Cirone, editor’s note) will be with me. Just before that, we’ll be spending a few days in London, then we’ll go to Paris. We’re going to have a great time, because it’ll be Christmas time. My wife and I are planning to go to the Musée d’Orsay and the Pont-Neuf which I love.

What do you like in Paris ? In Paris, you feel yourself really living/alive. It’s great to be in this city. And if you throw a stone in whatever direction, you’ll find an incredible monument or a museum.

Find all of our interview in the Télé-Loisirs magazine, on sale Monday 7 December.

Scans from the magazine are available in The Gallery, and many thanks to one of our twitter followers, Veji-Ninizik for the scans.