As mentioned in one of our previous updates, we have been very lucky to receive a copy of the latest script for ‘To Appomattox’, and below are some very brief notes focusing on the character of William T Sherman.   Apologies but we cannot go into too much  detail for legal reasons.

Please also note that scripts are subject to change, so what we have read may be changed or deleted in the final televised version. The scripts we have are dated within the last 7 days.

Having raced through all eight parts, the character of William Sherman is indeed in every episode, however the first few times we see him he may be played by a younger actor due to the character’s age (19), and it appears he is only featured briefly in part 5 which focuses on one of the most famous battles of the Civil War (Sherman was fighting elsewhere). Sherman is in his early 40s during the war, and it looks like we will also see the character after the war in his 50s and 60s.

He is described as having cropped red hair (it will be interesting to see if they stick with that) and a beard, and comes across as a witty, quirky, loyal and emotional character, and is definitely one of the central players to the story.  We will witness the development of his friendship with Ulysses Grant, which will be tested midway through the mini-series, but will ultimately make the friendship stronger.

As the script is currently written Sherman will be involved in several battle scenes and on horseback.

A family tragedy towards the latter part of the series will have a deep impact on the character, foreshadowing Sherman’s actions in Georgia.

Overall, the script is very well written (it was hard to put down) and interesting to read, and we really hope the script does not change too much from this draft.  Really looking forward to this mini-series. It will be great to see Billy rise to the challenge of playing William Tecumseh Sherman.

As a courtesy, please do not claim these script notes as your own, thank you.