One of the questions we are receiving on a daily basis is do we know when the movie is going to be released.

As the movie is still in post-production it is very difficult to say at this time.  There are some very big film festivals happening in the coming months, with a bit of luck DETACHMENT will be ready in time to be showcased at one of these.  As soon as we have confirmation we will post the relevant info.

In the meantime, Tim Blake Nelson who plays Mr Wiatt in the movie was interviewed by indieWIRE last year.  He shares his thoughts on working with Tony Kaye.

What can you tell us about a film you‘ve taken an acting part in called “Detachment“?
I’m so glad you asked about that! I loved, without reservation, working with Tony Kaye. I can also say that by far, it is the most eccentric experience I’ve ever had as an actor working on a movie set. I think that Kaye’s taking some wild chances, narratively and aesthetically, with the movie. It’s derived from a gorgeous script that’s frightening and heartbreaking. It was written by this guy named Carl Lund, who spent years as a teacher in the trenches of the LA public school system. It is an unflinching and brutal look at a public school and the dysfunction within.  I play a teacher who’s just going off the deep end.

The look of the movie is going to be… Tony Kaye, again, is one of the most eccentric people I’ve ever met. And yet at the same time, I found myself, particularly Adrien Brody and I, found ourselves doing whatever he asked, whenever he asked, without delay, without ever questioning it. He combines this madman’s approach to filmmaking with an ability to make you believe in him, that’s almost messianic while it’s occurring. You just kinda go with it. I’m talking about scenes shot without any rehearsal whatsoever, even for the crew. The smallest lighting package I’ve ever encountered on even a student film, let alone a film with Academy Award winners, like Adrien and Marcia Gay Harden, and you also had James Caan,Blythe Danner.

Tiny crew, tiny lighting package, and Tony operating the camera, manually pulling focus, as if he’s shooting you with an FLV rather than an Arriflex. Handing you pages of dialogue, sometimes, two and three page speeches, just before shooting. A really eccentric, unpredictable process. I’ve rarely looked forward to going to work as much as I have here, and I have great optimism for what the movie is going to be. No matter what the exposure is for the movie, I know it will be fascinating, incredibly compelling., I think that people like Tony Kaye, who resolutely have their own approach to doing things, who dispense with orthodoxies, are the people for whom I most want to work, who I want to be around. In a way, the Coen Brothersare another version of this.

The full interview is available on the indieWIRE website : Exclusive: Tim Blake Nelson Talks ‘Leaves Of Grass,’ Edward Norton & Working With Tony Kaye.

Also, if you are interested in seeing one of the actresses screentests who appears in the movie, Betty Kaye, you can view this on youtube c/o PHOTONAUKA.