Rather than replying to everyone individually we thought we’d do a quick Q&A post to try and answer a majority of the questions we have received lately.

Obviously, the two main topics from all the emails we received were regarding The March and if Billy will be returning to CSI since Laurence Fishburne has not renewed his contract for next season and we answered those questions earlier this week.

To everyone who emailed us about The March and LF, we really do appreciate all the emails, thank you.

We have also been asked the following:

Do we have a nationwide release date for Detachment.

At this time we do not, we hope the information will be available very soon given how popular the movie was at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier in the year as well as it being picked up for distribution.  As soon as we hear, we’ll update everyone.

Are we hosting any fundraisers of fan projects soon.

We do have a fundraiser planned that we are currently organizing, this will be for next year.   We have not done a fan project in a while, so we’ll look into seeing what we can do, maybe next year too.

We were asked when we were going to post the script notes for Seeking a Friend…

They are coming, hopefully this week, it’s amazing how behind you can get from not having internet access for a week, but they are on their way.

Lastly, we’ve had a lot of questions regarding some recent paparazzi photos.  We’ve received mixed views on the photos, some of you love them, others are offended.

As previously said, this is not a WPAP matter, we stopped posting paparazzi photos on the WPAP back in 2005, paparazzi photos aren’t really something we are interested in.

We have no right to tell other websites what they can and cannot post on their sites, we apologize to those of you who wanted us to do something about getting the photos removed, but this isn’t something we can get involved in, sorry.