A few more updates in respect of the Slowgirl theatre production at Steppenwolf.   The play had its official opening night this weekend, official reviews are starting to come in, the first being by Chicago Theatre Critic Hedy Weiss who said the show was “Highly Recommended” – Emotional Walk Through the Labyrinth of Guilt in Steppenwolf’s “Slowgirl” .

As we do with all of Billy’s plays, we document all the official reviews in one place, also, as we have done since Billy returned to theatre back in 2006, we have given fellow fans the opportunity to share their own reviews with everyone, these links are provided below.  (We received a few fan reviews on a last update, but these will move to the link below as well.)

The Steppenwolf website has also released the official production photos, check those out by clicking on the image below.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has emailed us or shared their thoughts on the play and and experiences of meeting Billy on our Facebook page.  We are glad so many of you are not only enjoying the play, but getting to meet Billy as well.