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First, a news roundup of Manhattan:

Manhattan Season 2 will premiere on WGN America on October 13th.  A couple of articles recently on the web:

In CSI news, filming of the finale began last Wednesday and the cast and crew have been sharing some fantastic photos from the set, such as some of those below, so head on over to their twitter pages and show them some love!

Be sure and see our Facebook page for many more as we are re-sharing lots of the photos.

It was revealed that Melinda Clarke is returning as Lady Heather, as well as Paul Guilfoyle as Captain Brass.  George Eads and Elizabeth Shue will not be in the finale.

Entertainment Weekly – Check out the cast for the Season Finale

Finally, the Paley Center of Media is hosting a special Farewell Salute to the show on September 17th with a screening of the finale and panel with the cast.  Further information about this event can be found at the Paley Center Website.