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Entertainment Weekly has posted this great article – 5 things we learned at the CSI farewell salute

Fox sat to Petersen’s right, and when his turn came to recall their first meeting, he turned to her and said, “Did we meet at lunch?” Rather than answering the question, Fox replied, “You drove me crazy.” For the first how many months? “Like six. And then, I don’t know … I realized we were kind of stuck together.”

Petersen was not evidently bothered by Fox’s admission. He fondly recollected their first lunch together and said, “Every time I was able to do a scene with you, it was like falling off a log. I think that Grissom fell for you because you got him. And you got me, too.” The audience aww-ed, and Fox amended, “I adore you so much.”

You can view the full article at the link above.

KTLA also covered the CSI Farewell Salute with an article and short video which you can view at the link below

PaleyFest Hosts A CSI Farewell Salute After Fifteen Seasons On Air.